I have always been a fan of tattoos and various ways to illustrate an crazy idea.
Since then I started to experiment with lines and colors and doing my best to make you happy.
Cartoons, horror, food, funny and creepy stuff is my speciality. Of course you can always ask for a submission and we can make your idea in no time.
If you are interested drop me a message. I am travelling all around but you are always welcome in my studio in Belgrade, Serbia.

Oh hi!

My main cause here is to illustrate, design and make something , that will engage everybodies attention.

Based in Belgrade, Serbia.

Specialized in t-shirt and branding design, colorful and funny stuff. Also darkish and horror motives if you like.
Worked with several restaurants and was a co-owner of clothing brand.
Creating music videos and commercials, which some of them were on TV. 
Organized many music and cultural events.
Worked in gaming industry, mostly games for children.

Contact me on :

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